PrinCE-C 700 Series

PrinCE 700 Series

At Prince Technologies we’ve been working hard to provide cutting edge compact instruments to the scientific community. We’re proud to present the fully automated PrinCE-C 700 Series, powerful integrated Capillary Electro-Chromatography systems, which allow the user more hands off time.

Flexible, modular and suitable for almost any application the PrinCE-C 700 couples to any external CE detectors, including UV/VIS, CD, LIF and or MS without the need for any special tools. Large buffer vials eradicate the need for a replenishment system reducing down-time, making the PrinCE-C 700 systems unique in the CE field.

Key Features

  • Ultra short effective capillary length from 8.5cm
  • Outlet end injection
  • Sample/buffer cooling to a broad temperature range
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications including (R&D, Food, Forensic, Pharmaceutical and Life Science)
  • Choice of 2 types of diode array detectors (512 & 1024)
  • Large sample injection volume
  • Dual pressurisation
  • Increase analysis time
  • Complete temperature control of capillary
  • Powerful automated analysis software package
  • Unrivaled reproducibility and sample injection

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